Answered By: Dana Clark
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How do I connect a laptop to the monitors in the Media Room?

Media:Scape Monitor Setup
Connect Your Computer

Locate and remove a “puck” from the media well where one will also find electrical outlets if needed to provide power to the computer.

This is the "Media Well."

This is "The Puck."

Plug the VGA cable from the “Puck” into the VGA port on the back or the on the side of the laptop. If you need a VGA adapter for an iBook, iPad or another device please go to the Circulation Desk.

This is a VGA port.

Turn on the computer.  Press #1 or #2 on the “Puck” which should make the “Puck” Green as in the photograph above.

If you want sound to play through the media:scape speakers connect a 1/8” audio cable from the laptop’s earphone jack to the jack on the “Puck.”

Here is the audio jack on the Puck.

Configure your Output (Windows)

For Windows 7 users: Right-click on the desktop, choose Graphic Options/Output To/Clone Displays/Built-in Display and Monitor as shown here in this screenshot.

Alternatively one may also use a keyboard short-cut, press the Windows Key and P at the same time (+P) which will bring up this menu in which you would choose Duplicate.

Also, on the Mason Library laptops one may use a combination of the Function Key (Fn) and F8 to cycle through these display settings.

Configure your Output (Mac)

Open "System Preferences"

Click on "Displays" then "Detect Displays."

If there is still no output to the media:scape monitors click on Arrangement and then put a check next to “Mirror Displays.

Alternatively one may also use the Apple keyboard shortcut of “Command-F1” (⌘ F1) which toggles "Mirror Displays" for multi-monitor configurations.
If you need further instructions or other help please contact the Mason Library Systems Department at