Answered By: Dana Clark
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How do I locate the wireless MAC Address on my computer?

The MAC Address, or media access control address, is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment.

On a Windows 7 PC:

Click on the Start button and then in the text box just above the Start button which looks like this.. [Search programs and files].

Type cmd into that text box and hit ENTER.

cmd opens the Command Prompt, or cmd.exe. It is also referred to as a "Dos Box."

Type ipconfig /all into the command prompt and hit ENTER.

This opens the command IPCONFIG (Internet Protocol Configuration) which displays all current TCP/IP network configuration values.

We are looking for the Wireless MAC address under Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

It is located under Physical Address. The MAC address is the string of characters and numbers: 1C-3E-84-92-89-C1.

On a Macintosh computer:

Open System Preferences from the Apple in the upper left hand corner.

Click on the Network icon

From the Show menu Select Airport (for Wireless) the MAC address will be at the top of the AirPort tab as the AirPort ID (or on the TCP/IP tab, again as the AirPort ID ). The MAC address is the 12 character address, for example; 00:1f:5b:c7:ee:2f.

On an iPad:
Tap on the Settings icon

Select General.

Select About.

On an iPad the MAC address is called WiFi Address

The MAC address is the 12 character address 00:26:00:94:D9:00.