Answered By: Dana Clark
Last Updated: Feb 04, 2015     Views: 2

How do I fix a 49.4C02 ERROR on an HP printer?

The 49.4C02 ERROR is a general data error usually caused by a large corrupted print job or sometimes from Ethernet connectivity problems.
There is no actual "fix" other than to temporarily take the printer offline. Here is the procedure.

1) Inform the patron there is a printer error and it will take a few minutes to correct it. Help the patrons to send print jobs to other printers if needed.
2) Shut down the printer and removed the power cable from the back of the printer.
3) Remove the Ethernet (network) cable from the back of the printer.
4) Go to your workstation computer and bring up the Output queue for the printer, IE: \\kscap-vp01\librarypublic_Output.
5) Delete ALL jobs in the Output queue. Ensure that the Output printer is NOT PAUSED.
6) Go back to the printer and plug the Ethernet cable back in.
7) Plug the power cable back in and turn the printer back on.
8) Wait at the printer until it has fully powered up.
9) Check the LCD panel on the printer to make sure it is on READY and not PAUSED. If it is paused there will be a circled X in the LCD. If it is PAUSED use the OK button to clear it.
10) Run a TEST PRINT before declaring it OK for patrons to re-send print jobs