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How do I print labels from with the MFP?


    Place labels face down in Tray 5 (the bypass tray) or face up in drawer 1-4.

    Press in until MFP beeps. A message will appear on the MFP asking to confirm what is in Tray 5. Choose the following:Press CONFIRM
        Size >  8 ½ by 11
        Type:  Scroll down and choose labels
        Color:  white


THEN, at your computer:

From your document hit File
(or Office button)  > Print > Properties

    Job Type:  Secure PrintPaper:  Down arrow > other type > labels >OK
        Confirm Accounting User ID (your 5-digit number), don’t change Account ID
    Then “OK” to Print and “OK” in the Accounting dialog box to send print job



    Go to Workflow Scanning> press Job Status button on left > choose Secure Print Jobs
    Touch to highlight your job
    Enter your Secure Print code then Release your job.
    Labels should print at this point.


Labels can be printed from trays 1–5.


Guidelines for Printing Labels

    Use labels designed for laser printing.
    Do not use vinyl labels.
    Do not feed a sheet of labels through the printer more than once.
    Do not use dry gum labels.
    Print only on one side of the sheet of labels. Use full sheet labels only.
    Store unused labels flat in their original packaging. Leave the sheets of labels inside the original packaging until ready to use. Return any unused sheets of labels to the original packaging and reseal it.
    Do not store labels in extremely dry or humid conditions or extremely hot or cold conditions. Storing them in extreme conditions can cause print-quality problems or cause them to jam in the printer.
    Rotate stock frequently. Long periods of storage in extreme conditions can cause labels to curl and jam in the printer.
    Extra Heavyweight Labels can only be fed from tray 5 (bypass tray).
    In the print driver software, select Labels, Heavyweight Labels, or Extra Heavyweight Labels as the paper type.
    CAUTION: Do not use any sheet where labels are missing, curled, or pulled away from the backing sheet. It could damage the printer.

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