Answered By: Dana Clark
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How do I use the LibX toolbar?

Using the Mason Library toolbar:

The Mason Library toolbar adds quick access to KSC and Mason Library resources to your browser.  Click on the red K icon in your browser and this window will appear.
This is the Mason Library toolbar.

The left portion of the toolbar contains common links to KSC and Mason Library resources:

Simply click on Links and you’ll be presented with a drop-down menu of links.

As you can see from the image above, the links include (this list can be altered as needed):

    Keene State College
    Mason Library
    KSC Printing (on campus only)
    Research Guides
    Interlibrary Loan Request
    Keene State Commons

Mason Library Toolbar search functions
Search Keene Link directly:

Click to the right of Search titled Mason Library Catalog which will show a selection for searching the catalog, databases, or online journals.

Type a search term in the text box. The toolbar defaults to Keyword searching but you may add other options by clicking the pull-down icon on the right as I have done here.

We’ll keep the default Keyword search for now.

Click the search button labeled: “Search.”

Search Serials 360 Link directly:

Type a search term in the text box. The toolbar defaults to Journal Title searching but you may add other options by clicking the pull-down icon on the right. Then click on Search.

It will bring you to the Mason Library Journals @ KSC page on the website with your search criteria.

LibX automatically detects and searches for ISSN and ISBN numbers:

The toolbar adds a lot more functionality to your web browser than simply adding a search box.

It reads web pages and anywhere an ISBN or ISSN occurs, a hyperlink will indicate a link to a search of Mason Library resources.

Here I did an Amazon search for Monty Python Speaks!

When I highlighted the ISBN numbers in the Product Details of the book it browser displays a Mason Library search URL on the browser’s lower taskbar.

Clicking the ISBN hyperlink reveals that this particular item is available at both KSC and KPL.

In the References section of a Wikipedia entry, for example, each citation containing an ISSN or ISBN will be converted to a link that will search Mason Library resources.  This behavior will occur anywhere that an ISSN or ISBN appears in a website.

Clicking the shows that this resource is available in Full Text.

Google Scholar:

Highlight a term and right-click over it and you’ll find many search options available to you, including catalog searches, OpenURL searches, as well as Google Scholar. Alternatively you may highlight a term and drag it to either the KSC search or Google Scholar button located on the toolbar.