Answered By: Dana Clark
Last Updated: Feb 04, 2015     Views: 6

How do I remove the proxy information from my database URL?

Instructions for the removal of proxy information from database URLs

Quick Info: The example below highlights and bolds the proxy information to be removed.

Original URL with Proxy:

URL with Proxy removed:


Detailed Instructions:

Start at the Mason Library Databases webpage

Choose a database. Here we used Academic Search Complete. The same method applies to all of our databases.

Do NOT left-click on the URL. Instead RIGHT-CLICK and pick "Copy link Location" as shown below.

Open a new Tab in your browser (Ctrl-T or File/New Tab). Paste the copied URL in to the address bar.

Now, remove (delete) the 0- from the beginning of the URL. (See below)

Then remove (delete) from the URL. Start just after the host's .com. See below.

The result should have no 0- at the beginning of the URL and shouldn't have after the host's address. See below.

Now when you press Enter you should see the database in full.

Removing the proxy from the URL will only affect off-campus users; off-campus access to subscribed material will cease without the proxy information.

All access to our subscriptions from on-campus does not require proxy in order to work.