Answered By: Dana Clark
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2020     Views: 12

How to access Kanopy off-campus

Kanopy IS accessible from off-campus by KSC Students, Faculty, and Staff

The first time you access Kanopy or any one of our other KSC subscribed resources you'll need to log into our remote-access system, called a proxy.

  • Follow a KSC provided link to Kanopy - this could be from:
  • Log into our remote-access system: If this is your first time logging into any Mason Library resources remotely then you'll be presented with a login screen for our remote-access system
    • Enter your last name
    • Enter your 7-digit barcode from your KSC Owl Card ID#
  • Log into Kanopy:  there may be a pause and then you will be presented with a Kanopy Keene State College page with a button that reads "LOG IN TO KEENE" - click that
  • Log into Kanopy (continued):Then another pause with another page "Access Kanopy Through Your University" and another button that reads "LOG IN TO KEENE"  - click that
  • Then a window will open briefly and then close itself
  • You will now be at the Kanopy home page
    • NOTE: It may not be obvious you're at KSC Mason Library's Kanopy page
    • There is no KSC or Mason Library logo - only the URL mentioning Keene
    • The alert saying 'streaming is limited' only means that we do not have full access to all 26,000 titles Kanopy offers - you DO have access to many videos here
    • If there's a problem: The videos presented on this page and/or linked to from KSC  and/or Mason Library pages should work fine and if they do not then you should
      Report An Access Problem
  • Note: The login and Sign Up options in the upper-right are for personal account sign up that allows patrons to access advanced features of Kanopy such as the ability to create playlists or leave comments/reviews