Answered By: Dana Clark
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How do I enter retro hours for a missed time sheet?

Retro Hours:

In the event that a timesheet is either not submitted or approved on time then an employee will have to submit retro hours. Please see attachment detailing this process.

Timesheets are set up in two-week intervals, each beginning with the Work Begin and Work End date for each pay period. Select Earn Code 156 RetroHrs-New Hire/Late Entry

Begin entering Retro. Hours on the first day that you don’t have current pay period hours recorded. Retro Hours are recorded as a total – enter a start and end time that totals the number of Retro hours being recorded.

Each day allows a maximum of 24.00 hours (12:00 am – 12:00 am) to be recorded If you have more than 24.00 Retro Hours to record, move to the next day that you don’t have current pay period hours recorded until the total number of Retro Hours is recorded.

Select “Comments” function key at the bottom of your electronic timesheet. In the “Comments field, explain the Work Begin and Work End dates within which the Retro Hours were worked Sample Retro Hours Comment: “Retro Hours worked 03/02 – 3/15/13