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How to use Join.Me

Join.Me is an interactive desktop sharing application designed by LogMeIn which is useful for online meetings, sharing of files, interactive chat, Voice over IP, and other connectivity tools.


Install Join.Me

Start by downloading and installing Join.Me at A direct download of the free version can be located at

Clicking on the above link will initiate the download to your computer. 

Click on Next to continue the installation.

Put a dot next to I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next.

Click on Install to keep the installation ball rolling.

When the installation has completed there will be a new icon on the Desktop.

Double click this icon to start Join.Me


Using Join.Me

When you click on the desktop icon Join.Me the application will launch.

Join a meeting

To join a scheduled meeting you will need to be given a code by the presenter. This will probably be emailed to you or sent in some modern text-sending method. Now, where did mine go… ah.

You would enter this code in the text box under Join and click on the Start icon to the right.


When the presenter acknowledges your presence and allows you to join the meeting you will see the presenter’s desktop on your computer in a browser-type window.


The host of the meeting can now show off what is happening on their computer if they chose and start off the meeting, perhaps with an introductory chat.

The initial chat window is only a Windows Popup so you may want to enlarge it once you have noticed it down there by your system clock.

When you do click on the popup it will open a typically familiar chat window.

For this meeting I moved the chat window closer to the presenter’s shared desktop window for convenience. 


The presenter may, at some time in the meeting, decide that they need to take a break, or perhaps they have sensitive items that need to be moved around. Whatever the case they can temporarily block you from seeing their desktop. You will see this while you are waiting.

As a meeting attendee you may have need to take over the presenter’s desktop at some point. You will need permission to do so. Click on the ellipsis icon on the right of the Join.Me menu and then on
Request mouse control.

If the presenter grants you permission you will be in control of their desktop and will be able to open or close programs, applications, files, and folders. 

If the presenter needs to do something in the background they may opt to put the meeting on hold temporarily. If so you might see this.


Other options

While in a meeting you have options available through the Join.Me interface in the top right-hand corner. Highlighting the icons with your mouse will show you those options.

For Example:
The Phone icon opens up the Voice over IP tool which, with the proper microphone and speaker setup, allows for conference-phone type of communication.

The comic bubble icon opens the chat box which we’ve already discussed. 

The magnifying glass icon increases or decreases the size of the presentation window on your screen.

And the ellipsis icon gives you several options; the aforementioned Request mouse control button, the
Request presenter role icon (allow YOU to take over the presentation and share YOUR desktop), the Request to annotate icon, and finally the Exit this meeting icon.

When it is all done and the presenter has disconnected you will probably see a page similar to this.

The meeting is now finished.


Start a meeting - Presenting mode

To start a meeting click on the Join.Me icon on the desktop. 

Then click on start share your screen with others


You will need a LogMeIn ID which can be created on-the-fly. Create a username and make a password (enter it twice) and then click on Create account.

LoMeIn ID:


Once you have created an account you can opt to log in via the “log in” link at the top of the page next to Sign Up. When you log in directly you will get this prompt.

Click on Log in to continue.


This menu will appear. A code will be generated at the top. Send this code to those you want to join your meeting.

In this case it is 539-695-151.

In other cases it may have the user’s LogMeIn ID as the meeting code like in this example.

When a user has received their code and enter into their Join text box the presenter will be notified that a user is requesting to join. The above screenshot shows that the options are to allow, unlock, or deny the user to join the session.  I will allow this user in.


Initiate a Chat

To initiate a chat with a user click on the comic bubble icon of the JoinMe user interface.
NOTE: the grey icon indicates that there are currently no users connected. It would have to be Orange to initiate a chat.

The viewer may only get a temporary little popup window that may go unnoticed. Remind the viewer to click on the popup window to open the chat box.

Talk via VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol)

Voice over IP is a protocol which allows for sound to travel over internet packets. It has become the industry standard for many over-seas calls, cell phone technology, and talk over the internet. Some common applications that use this protocol are iCall, Skype, and Google Voice.
A microphone is required for this application. It must already be setup in Windows.

To make a voice connection to a user click on the phone icon in the JoinMe user interface.

Click on Call via internet for VoIP or on Call by phone if the presenter’s phone is setup through Windows. In most cases this will probably be Call via internet.

Pause your presentation

Often times things come up while you are having your meeting. To put the meeting on Pause click on the Pause icon on the Join Me user interface. 



By default in Join Me one is sharing your Microsoft Windows desktop. See the Share pull-down menu under the Active/Paused button.  

The Share screen option is if you have additional screens to share other than the Windows desktop, a secondary monitor, for example. Using this icon switches between screens sharing what is on the separate monitors.


Viewing who is connected

To see a list of connected users click on the Participants icon and it will show you a list of folks in your meeting.


Ah, only one participant in my meeting, … and it’s me. Reminder to self, send more meeting invitations.

   Share Mouse control

By far the most useful feature of JoinMe is the ability to share not only your desktop with your users, but also to allow them to take control of the mouse. To do this click on the ellipsis icon on the Join Me user interface and on share mouse control.

When you do share your mouse control this will appear.

You can allow or deny a user control if you wish.


This popup will remind you that you have given mouse control to another user.

To stop sharing your mouse click on the mouse control icon or on the Participants list, then on the user and then on Stop sharing control.


To End the meeting

The time comes to leave. To end the session click on the mouse icon menu and then on
Exit this meeting.

This concludes our Join.Me Session.