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How to use Google Scholar

Google Scholar:



Google Scholar URL:             

Google Scholar Overview: 


Google Scholar provides an easy-to-use interface that is similar to Google with the exception that it is searching scholarly material rather than public web content. When configured and used properly it can help you find resources available via your institution. It is important to note, however, that Google Scholar will not necessarily be aware of or able to locate all of your library’s resources. This tool should be considered supplemental to the specialized databases and other resources your library provides for you.

Getting Started:

The Google Scholar page looks very much like Google’s main page (screen-shot below):

  1. Click “Settings” (outlined in red below) to:

i.Tell Google Scholar about  the libraries you have access to

ii.To obtain the Google Scholar Button for your browser

iii.Configure other settings and preference you might have


Configure Settings


From the settings page you can set:

  • Your search preferences
  • Language preferences
  • Tell Google Scholar what libraries you have access to
  • View what account you are logged into with Google
  • Install the Google Scholar Button to your browser which allows you to search Google Scholar while reading other research.

Setting  Google Scholar to know what library’s resources to provide:

From the Settings page click on the link labeled “Library Links”

Your library may be automatically detected simply by your physical location. This may be modified via this Library links screen.

To change or add a new library type the name of your institution or library into the search box on this screen and it will be added as an available library. You may have up to five. You can alter which library you’re working with by using the checkboxes in front of your library’s name. 

NOTE: If you set your library while logged into a Gmail account then your settings will follow you, otherwise you may need to set them for each session. 


Adding the Google Scholar Button to your browser

From the Settings page click on the link labeled “Button”

Click the link labeled “Install Scholar Button to look up papers as you browse” (outlined in red below) and you will redirected to the add-on page appropriate for your browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) 

Follow the instructions for installing the add-on or extension 


View/use Google Scholar Button

In your browser toolbar you will now have an icon that looks like this:  

(depicted below outlined in red)

Click it and you’re presented with a Google Scholar search box: 

This in-screen search can be very useful when reading and wanting to look up a search phrase that occurs during your research. 


Bonus Note:  If you have the Keene State edition of the LibX toolbar installed you can highlight terms, right-click, and search Google Scholar that way as well.

Here’s an example of searching Google Scholar via LibX right-click


Using Google Scholar


Basic Search

The basic search at Google Scholar works similar to Google; you are presented with a single search box in which to type your search term or phrase.

Advanced Search

The advanced search allows you

Results List

No matter how you search Google Scholar you’ll end up with a results list. 

My basic search for “monkey” in Google Scholar produces results that look like these: