Answered By: Dana Clark
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How do I print on letterhead to the MFP at Reference?

How do I print on letterhead to the MFP printer at Reference?  

At your computer:
From your document click File (or Office button) > Print > Library 100k MFP Reference> Printer Properties

Select Paper: Down arrow > other type>click Letterhead, then OK to accept Properties

Then click Print button.                      In pop-up Accounting dialog box confirm your 5-digit User ID
                                                           (usually saved from previous print jobs). Do not change the
                                                            bottom Account ID! Click OK in the Accounting dialog box
                     to send print job.



At the MFP:
Place letterhead face up in Tray 5 (the bypass tray on the left side of the MFP). The top of the letterhead sheet should be at the edge nearest you. Press sheet in until MFP beeps.

A message will appear on the MFP control panel asking you to confirm what is in Tray 5. Choose the following:
   Size:  8 ½ by 11
   Type: Scroll down and choose letterhead
   Color: white

Press CONFIRM. Letterhead should print at this point.