Answered By: Wendy Petschik
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How do I embed a Kaltura (My Media) video on a Canvas page (or assignment, or anywhere there is a text editor)?

You can embed Kaltura videos from your MyMedia/Media Gallery

  1. Go to your MyMedia and click on the video you want to share.
  2. Click on the Share button below/left of the video.
  3. Copy the embed code displayed. Be sure to get it all… it starts 
    with: <iframe id="…."> And ends with: </iframe>
  4. Create a new assignment, page, or other location you want to embed the video .
  5. Name the page
  6. Just above the text editor, on the right is the link: “HTML Editor” click on this link. (You’ll see that the link has changed to, “Rich Content Editor.”)
  7. If you have not yet put anything in the text editor, the editor will be blank
  8. Paste in the embed code that you copied.
  9. Click on the Rich Content Editor link (it will change to HTML Editor)
  10. You will not see the video yet, you’ll see a gray box with a film icon in the middle
  11. Click the SAVE button at the bottom… You’ll then see your video embedded in the Canvas page

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