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How do I view a course offline in an ePub document?

Students and faculty can export most of the contents of a course to an ePub files, and associated files will also export (PDF, csv). 

  1. Log in to Canvas.
  2. Go to your personal Account\Settings
  3. On the right, click on “Download Course Content”
  4. All Current courses (those in the user’s Courses short-list) are displayed.
  5. Click, “Generate ePub” (if it has been previously generated, there is a link to Regenerate ePub. Re-generate will create a new ePub file that will be updated with content from the previous generation.
    • Progress bar appears
    • Links to Download ePub; Download Associated Files; Regenerate ePub appear
  6. Download the ePub file and open with any program that will open ePub documents.

Note that the “associated files” are files in formats not supported by ePub and will be downloaded in a zip file that must be unzipped before use. (for example, MS Office, PDF, and media files.)

Students can download all assignment submissions in present or past courses. The file could be large and take some time to generate. A blue bar will show the progress of the generation. When completed, click on “Click here to download.”

**Once the ePub is created, it is “frozen” in time and no updates will show. You can go back to the Settings area and re-generate an epub with the latest information in it.

Canvas Guides: How to view offline course content as ePub

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